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as i tend to do, i'm updating so that i can include some of my latest photographs. these are from my recent trip to europe, where we cruised the danube, the main, and the rhine from budapest to amsterdam. you'll find those images in the last link, "europe, august 2014. let me know what you think. what follows are a series of pages that contain thumbnails. click on a thumbnail and you'll transfer to a larger image.
Kinderdijk Laundry
garden photography - images of places and plants that relate to gardens
landscape photography - i've tried to keep the scrolling to a minimum, but there's so much landscape to photograph. sorry...
people photography - i'm not real comfortable photographing people, but sometimes i can't resist
things - i was going to call this "miscellany," but i decided to be more specific
europe, august 2014 - these images were taken during our cruise from budapest to amsterdam

no photographs should be downloaded or printed from this website without the photographer's written permission. images can be purchased by contacting the photographer. some images from this site are available through fineartamerica.

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